Wealth Management

The fastest way to grow your savings and investments

Cash Investment

Lump Sum as well as Regular Savings

Get to know some of the strongest Unit Trust funds in Malaysia that will help you grow your money faster than any other financial and banking vehicle. You have a choice of making a one off investment or capitalize on Dollar Cost Averaging by investing on a monthly basis. Get in touch with one of our Consultants today. These funds are perfect for:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Child Education Planning
  • Saving for a large purchase
  • General Wealth Accumulation

EPF Members Investment Scheme

An alternative source for Investment

Want to try your hands at investing but do not have the funds to do so? Now you can, with the EPF Members Investment Scheme.

The EPF Members Investment Scheme allows you to withdraw a certain amount out of your Account 1 of your EPF to be used to invest in approved funds. The amount that you can withdraw depends on your age as well as how much you have already accumulated in your EPF. Contact one of our Consultants to check if you qualify.

Private Retirement Scheme

Prepare to retire comfortably

Retirement is the most challenging period in every adult's life. With age comes the need to be prepared for extra medical bills as well as the desire to remain financial independent and to enjoy the fruits of a life long working life.

The Private Retirement Scheme gives you the opportunity to set aside savings in a disciplined way to a Retirement Fund which will grow each year and provide you the means to live a comfortable life in your Golden Years.

ASB Financing

Finance your ASB account

The ASB Financing scheme allows you to take a low interest loan in order to finance your investment in ASB. This is a smart way to earn high interest rates from ASB especially if you do not have the funds to do a significant investment.

The amount of financing that you qualify for largely depends on your age as well as your monthly income. Contact one of our Consultants today to know more about the ASB Financing and how much you qualify for.